Welcome to the Materials Mechanics Laboratory (MAMEL) in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Seoul National University.

In MAMEL we concentrates our efforts on understanding fundamental mechanical responses of structural and functional materials. Our research highlights integrated multi-physics and multi-scale mechanics based on fundamental solid and computational/experimental mechanics to optimize the deformation and mechanical properties of conventional/novel materials.

We are conducting research and development on materials including polymer, metals and fiber reinforced composites. The applicable fields include manufacturing of automotive parts and electrical devices, mechanics of batteries, hybrid joining technology, novel material/process designs and so on.

State of art computational modeling and simulations aim to understand the effect of microstructure on the macroscopic properties of material system, which helps the field engineers design materials with better performance. Experimental techniques to mechanically characterize highly nonlinear and anisotropic materials are newly designed under the context of experimental mechanics and constitutive modeling.